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Introduction to Open Source Intelligence

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Introduction to Open Source Intelligence

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In this lab, the students will be oriented to the methodic intelligence gathering from publicly available information. The lab will cover the basics of searching for useful information, how to analyze it to leverage attacks using scientific tools and profile the personality of the target to exploit his weakest points. The students will experience basics of OSI processes and methodologies in various scenarios.

  Prerequisites for students  

Students should bring a laptop capable of browsing the internet, with the following software installed:
• Google Chrome browser.
• Maltego 3.1.1 (downloadable from here

  Number of slots
(Slot=1.5 hr)

1 slot

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Mustafa Mohsen El-Masry

Mustafa Mohsen El-Masry

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  Company Name   Ekhteraq
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Ekhteraq is a cyber-security training and services company.
Currently under establishment







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