SKLABs 2012

Security Kaizen Labs Rules

  1. All attendees must bring their own laptops with them, Most of the sessions will be a hands on , intensive live training.

  2. Every Session will have a maximum of 50 users each, the limitation of users because a direct interaction with the instructors is needed. spaces are limited, try to reserve your space as early as you can.

  3. Sessions will be running in 3 Parallel Tracks: beginners, professional and Vendors sessions.

  4. The beginner track is for users who had just started their information security career or want to get into the IS field, more details about beginners track here.

  5. The professional track is for users who got an average from 3-7 years experience or more, more details about the professional track here.

  6. Vendors sessions are for employees who need to enhance their enterprise or business security, a certain tool, like a vulnerability assessment tool or an encryption tool or a UTM Solution or others, will be live demonstrated and a practical training will be provided on it, more details about the vendor track here.

  7. During online registration, you will have to choose the track you want to attend in each time slot, you can always modify your choices till one month before SKLABS.

  8. Although SKLABS is not a marketing event, Training providers are allowed to market for their full track courses at the end of their session for a maximum of 15 minutes.

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