SKLABs 2012

Beginners guide to python and GUI development

  Lab name  

Beginners guide to python and GUI development

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  Lab description  

The lab will focus on rapid development with python from beginner until they can develop GUI applications using the qt framework.
The labs contents are:

  • Variables
  • Strings & Numbers
  • Escape sequences
  • Operators
  • Lists
  • Tuples
  • Dictionaries
  • if statements , while statement & for loops
  • Modules
  • Dynamic Variables
  • playing with Files
  • Functions & Classes
  • Exceptions
  • Network Sockets
  • Threading
  • PYQT GUI development.

  Prerequisites for students  

Laptop with Windows XP.

  Number of slots
(Slot=1.5 hr)

1 slot

  Instructor Name  

Ehab Hussein

Ehab Hussein

Instructor Credentials
  Company Name   Synapse
  Company Description /Products/contact    
  - Description:  

Synapse has the experience and expertise to develop effective and proven security strategies for your organization. We work with our clients to develop security strategies that are developed based upon current industry best practices and years of experience in the information security field; customizing solutions for each client. Our security experts understand today's threat landscape and aim to provide security covering all potential attack vectors so that our clients may focus on their business.

  - Products:

a) Security services
a.1. Penetration Testing and security Audits
a.2. Software Quality Assurance & Security Testing
a.3. Malware Analysis and Infection Detection
a.4. log analysis
a.5. Compliance

b) Vulnerability Research & Malware Research

c) Training and certifications
c.1. SCMRE (Synapse Certified malware reverse engineer)
Online (Starts 1st quarter 2012) & On-site Training

c.2. SCED (Synapse Certified Exploit developer)
                On-site training & Online (underdevelopment)

c.3. SCPT (Synapse Certified penetration tester)
Onsite Traning & Online (underdevelopment)

d) Synjector for Binary Protection as a service.

  - Contact:

Ehab Hussein
[email protected]





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