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Cisco Identity Service Engine ISE.

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Cisco Identity Service Engine ISE

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Cisco identity management solution lab using Cisco ISE for wired and wireless network access.
Raya will demonstrate the identity management solution by applying a different authorization policy while the users are accessing their networks (wired or wireless) based on the below conditions:

  1. Domain username or AD group name.
  2. User location.
  3. Endpoint device type (Microsoft workstation - mobile - iPAD - tablet - ip phones -printer -ip cam).
  4. Posture status (compiling posture policy which is AV installed and updated specific registry value , or not compile).
  5. Machine name join a specific domain.
  6. Guest access using URL redirection policy through a sponsor which will create a user account for the guest or self registration.

  Prerequisites for students  

Laptops with a wireless card with OS win Xp sp3 or win 7

  Number of slots
(Slot=1.5 hr)

1 slot

  Instructor Name  

Hany Badawy

Ehab Hussein

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Raya Integration (system integrator)







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