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EnCase® Forensic

Raya Academy
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EnCase® Forensic

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This lab simulates the use of EnCase® Forensic. The class provides participants with an understanding of the proper handling of digital evidence from the initial seizure of the computer/media to acquisition, including the use of FastBloc. Instruction then progresses to the analysis of the data. It will provide the participants with the approaches to check digital evidence by EnCase and extract valuable data that can be used as valid evidence.

  Prerequisites for students  

Good Background about Operating System Concepts, Network fundamentals, Good Background about internet protocols, preferred to have good background about different E-crimes techniques.

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1 slot

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Adel Abdel Moneim

Adel Abdel Moneim

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Responding to the market needs, Raya provides avant-garde world-class learning paths and certifications in Information Technology and Call Center industries; through an elite pool of certified trainers, Information Technology experts and management consultants.
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