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Use Honeypots to Know Your Enemies

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Use Honeypots to Know Your Enemies.

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Internet is not safe, hackers and malwares are all over the place. Use honeypots to know their techniques to better protect yourself. So, we will know how to:
- Collect malwares and extract attack sources with Nepenthes.
- Log brute force attacks and entire SSH interaction with Kippo.
- Use Snort to analyze malicious attacks in combination with honeypots.

  Prerequisites for students  
  • Basic information security concepts.
  • VMware Workstation/Fusion installed.
  Number of slots
(Slot=1.5 hr)

1 slot

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Sherif Mousa

Sherif Mousa

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Egyptian CERT

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EG-CERT was established as part of the National Telecom Regulatory Authority (NTRA).
EG-CERT is charged with providing computer and information security incident response, support, defense and analysis against cyber-attacks and collaboration with government, financial entities and any other critical information infrastructure sectors scoped to Egypt.
Our mission is to provide an early warning system against malware spreading and massive attacks against the Egyptian critical information infrastructure.





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